Laura Marie Nimbach was intelligent, caring, and beautiful.  She was fiercely independent and supported herself from a very young age.  She talked about her nieces and nephews constantly. She grew up in a rough part of Detroit.

With the help of a scholarship,  Laura graduated from a college prep high school near the top of her class in 2004.

After graduating high school she worked as a waitress to save up enough money to pay for her own Grand Am. She was proud that she was able to pay for the it in cash.

Sadly,  Laura was in an abusive relationship.  In a  effort to flee from her abuser,  she moved to Clearwater  Florida.  About a year after moving to Florida,  Laura became addicted to oxycontin and started using heavily. After She was unstable and moved from place to place. She overdosed around thanksgiving and nearly passed away.

In January 2009 laura was in an abusive relationship. She went into a domestic violence shelter in Clearwater. She had talked to her sister about the long term program they had there and how great it was. She was looking forward to getting her life back. She had been there for about two weeks when she decided to leave. The following day she was seen by the Pinellas County Sheriffs office at 4880 49th Street North in St. Petersburg Florida while sleeping behind a building. They gave her information about nearby shelters but she never made it to any.

On February 15th, she told her cousin how upset she was that her abuser did not come pick her up from the shelter for a date that they planned. We know Laura was in contact with her abuser and we fear that he could have done something to her.

She talked to her sisters and mom one a week minimum until the day before her disappearance. Even if she didn’t want to talk, she would still answer the phone and make up some excuse (i.e. it’s too windy, I can’t hear you).

Laura disappearing is not in her character. She is very loved and we would love to be able to have some closure to her disappearance.

– Amanda


5 Responses to “About Laura”

  1. carmella Says:

    hi there. i saw, or think i saw, this young lady at a meeting at terra nova in st petersburg fl. it’s been several months…. but her face definitely looks familiar. as soon as i saw the poster, i grabbed everybody in the house (i live in a commune), and 3 of the seven said that they thought that they have seen her at terra nova at the beginning of the year. my prayers are with you and we will definitely keep an eye out for her. If she was at the address that you mentioned… it’s not far from another 12 step hall… buccaneer plaza with an awesome speaker’s meeting on monday evenings! namaste’ our prayers are with you!

  2. Ruth Says:

    I also have a problem with pills. I know the difficulties that come with addiction and I hope that she is found soon and is able to get her life on track. I can’t imagine what your fears are of not knowing. What ever she has gotten into since February, it is important that she knows there are people who love her unconditionally.

    1. findlaura Says:

      Hi Ruth,
      Thank you for sharing. I wish you luck and hopefully a recovery. We’ve all tried to make sure that in all the media coverage, that they had in them that we love her no matter what. Hopefully she’s at least seen one and knows it somehow. We all do really love her no matter what has happened over the past (almost) six months and just want to know if she’s alive.

      Thank you again,

  3. Angela Says:

    My prayers are with Laura – a fellow Ladywood alum (’96). I hope that she, and her family and friends, find the comfort and peace they all seek.

  4. Janessa Says:

    My prayers are with Laura and her loved ones.
    Hopefully she will decide to contact someone just to let them know she is safe.
    I am site manager for a missing girl Dean Pyle Peters. I would be more than happy to add Laura’s information on there, just e-mail me. The ones on there are cold cases, but I believe the more exposure she gets, the faster she’ll come home.
    Have you considered adding her to the Adopt a Missing Person program on ? If not, I greatly would suggest it-it’s an excellent way to inform people all over the nation about Laura.
    Best of wishes and prayers to you!

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