No one has had any contact with Laura Marie Nimbach since February 17th, 2009 in St. Petersburg, FL when she was seen by local police officers at 4880 49th st. North in St. Petersburg, Florida.  She had left a domestic violence shelter the previous day and was known to be in contact with her abuser.

We’ve been able to file an official missing persons report with the Pinellas County Sheriffs office and she is listed in the FDLE missing person site where anonymous tips can be reported.

None of her family lives in Florida and we need help getting out fliers to local business’, shelters, places where NA meetings are held, churches, grocery stores, post offices, bars, restaurants, bus stations, people who ride the buses, any where that there’s a lot of eyes to see them and to people in general in the Tampa Bay area.

The more people who see her the better. She has a substance abuse problem and if she’s still alive, she’s in a horrible situation.

Please contact me on here, or at if you would like to help pass out fliers or know anything at all.

Under the links section are links  to the news stories.If you have any contacts in media in the Tampa Bay area, we would be greatful if you would send them a link to our blog.  The more coverage the better.

We’re also trying to raise some money to establish a reward fund to hopefully entice someone who knows something to come forward who hasn’t already.

This blog is kept up by both Amanda and Rene. Rene is her real sister and amanda is her nearly sister. Everyone both families are terriably worried.


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