I’d love to see who’s coming to visit and help with finding Laura.

Please leave a comment and let us know who you are.

Thank you all so much for helping find Laura.



3 Responses to “Guest Book”

  1. Mary Morris Says:

    I truly hope that everything will be ok. Be brave, keep on loving, and having hope. We’ll all thinking of you

  2. Kris Says:

    I hope this beautifull girl will be found unharmed. It”s a shame that these drugs can make victims so easily and it is easy to get hooked on but it’s a hell and a very long way to get off of them, I speak of experience and it’s a daily struggle, not only physical but mostly emotional. I hope and pray this girl is found soon and will have the help she deserves and especially lots of love support and patience because it won’t be easy but the effort will be wortht it. It makes me sad to see her pictures, she is gorgious, could be a model so she has so much to live for I will be praying and thinking of her. God bless

  3. jennifer Says:

    Any updates?

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